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Biofeedback Therapy-Equine


Does your horse have anxiety hauling in the trailer, gets nervous at horse shows, or exhibit behaviors that aren’t their norm? There could be a hidden enemy going on with their natural balance. There are both chronic and acute stress factors that prevent our bodies from optimizing the healing process. Biofeedback Therapy can result in outstanding transformations in both animals and humans!  Your horse will be connected by a neck or poll harness that will send information to the Biofeedback System. This system reads the channels running throughout the body, targeting areas of pain, stress and anxiety.

Once processed, the machine will send back “vibrations” through those same channels to reprogram and eliminate these trouble spots. The result is a more relaxed, better minded animal. Additionally, by correcting and balancing these waves, the natural healing process can begin. By analyzing the information collected by the device, you can also become more aware of problem areas in your animal that may have been hidden under the surface.


$25 PER DAY *Additional $3 per day for alfalfa

Big Barn and Spa Barn host heated and (semi cooled) climates along with over-sized stalls that are equipped with automatic filtered waters cleaned daily, fans, and lights. The stalls at Big Barn have solid dividing walls with a front opening so your horse can poke their head out and view their surroundings.  Spa Barns stalls have  filled cinder block walls and open front mesh so that they can view their neighbors but yet not come in close contact.  


Shavings are replaced in between boarders, stalls are regularly sanitized, and a detailed charting system allows us to keep track of medications/supplementation for your horse’s specific needs. Turn out time is available upon request.  Turnout paddocks include automatic filtered water and a spacious sheds for shading and wind break.  EAST requires a current coggins, up to date worming and vaccinations for boarding here.  If your coggins is not current we will pull one the day of arrival.


*EAST has EXTRA large stalls  for foal outs located at Big Barn and also have staff for night checks and a Veterinarian on call for emergencies.  Please call for foal out pricing 940.665.1940



We are excited to announce a new laser system that has been added at the Spa!  Along with the Phoenix Thera-Lase System we now offer Mutli Radience Medical for both human and animal patients!!


Multi Radiance Medical's Veterinary Laser Therapy devices provide accelerated pain relief and healing. This safe and powerful technology is applied with a cordless hand-held applicator providing targeted Super Pulsed Laser light that stimulates cell regeneration. Throughout the world, cold Laser Therapy is used to relieve acute/chronic pain, back pain, carpal tunnel, arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, muscle strain, bursitis, tendonitis, and other injuries in humans; now we're bridging the gap and offering safe and effective for all aspects of Veterinary care.


Multi Radiance Laser Therapy can be particularly helpful in reducing pain and enabling arthritic animals to be more active. It also is beneficial in managing wounds and dermatological abnormalities including hot spots, lick granulomas, otitis externa, pyoderma and healing of surgical incisions. If there is infection, blue light therapy can be used to reduce the bacterial load and minimize the need for anti-microbial therapy. Finally, Multi Radiance Laser Therapy can speed healing by decreasing pain and inflammation and promote blood flow to the affected areas.


The Phoenix Thera-Lase System is a non-invasive, drug free laser therapy treatment which provides relief and healing for both chronic and  acute pain, accelerates wound healing and reduces inflammation related to soft tissue injuries.  This versatile, proven and effective treatment is a powerful complement, even alternative, to traditional drug and surgical therapies.

The system is a portable laser bio-stimulation device that delivers concentrated laser-light energy to the cellular level of the body.   The body is able to absorb this external energy transforming it into chemical energy which accelerates the normal healing rate of the soft tissue. 

Approved by The FDA as a Class IV device, the system uses patent pending proprietary wavelengths in conjunction with a custom built system (strategic by internal design/function)—to deliver invisible infrared energy to injured and inflamed soft tissue.   Phoenix delivers more laser power to patient treatment sites, resulting in deeper penetration and improved therapeutic results.  
​Phoenix Thera-Lase Systems Offers Multiple Competitive Advantages, Features And Benefits Including: 

·        Deeper Penetration

·        Higher Power 

·        Wider Beam Diameter

Most commonly used for suspensory ailments, significant wounds, muscle strains and spasms, and chronic conditions such as tendinitis, ulcers, and select acupuncture points. This therapy can be used on equine, bovine, canine, swine, and feline patients.


Starting at $20/hour

EAST Arena is available for rental 7 days a week by appointment.  It hosts good lighting, large fans and tie posts if you are bringing multiple horses.  Open times are available online, however for a more accurate schedule please call the office line at 940-665-1940 or the cell at 903-818-6616 (texting available on this line).  



Our equine veterinary services include mobile equine veterinary services focusing on general practice, preventive medicine and nutrition, and optimizing athletic performance.

Additionally, we provide the following services:

  • Large Animal Preventative Medicine, such as vaccinations, deworming and parasite prevention

  • Coggins

  • Equine Dentistry

  • Field Surgical Services

  • Prepurchase examinations

  • Lameness examinations

  • Reproductive Services and Consultation

  • Health Certificates

  • Genetic Testing

  • Emergency Services such as bloat, toxicities, lacerations, wounds, colic, heat related stresses, and dystocias.



Jesse Cory is a professional farrier with almost two decades of experience.  His skill set includes navicular, fractures, suspensory injuries, laminitis, founder, performance, and much more. Collaborating with veterinarians if necessary, reviewing imaging, and his examination, he will develop a shoeing/trimming program to fit your horse's needs. Appointments are every Thursday for haul in at the spa. He accepts full shoeings, half shoeings, trims, and referrals from veterinarians. For travel appointments outside of the spa please contact Jesse directly at 940-736-6675


Starting at $35

Includes a bath with our exclusive line of shampoo and conditioner. We also use a purple shampoo for light colored horses to bring out the beautiful white and reduce dingy yellow to a natural glow. Hooves inspected and cleaned out. Trimming of whiskers , ears, legs, and bridle path upon request. Finished off with our conditioning spray in the mane and tail. The horse will dry in one of our oversized stall with a dry rug, then rebrushed and glistened with our finishing spray.



Our 105 foot swim lane is used mostly for low/no impact conditioning/fitting purposes. The lane can be used for rehabilitation of injuries through veterinary referral. It features a matted walk in and walk out and railing for safety. Rather than swimming in a circle, this swim lane approach offers a visible beginning and end for the horse, which also helps to minimize any stress. We measure vital signs before, at regular intervals during the swim and after completion of the session to regulate and chart the fitness of your horse. The cleanliness of the lane is unmatched as our filtering system is that of 3 Olympic sized pools. We perform daily maintenance on the lane to ensure quality conditions.  Our swim lane is a superior, stress-free, and a safe solution to your horse’s health and fitness. This therapy is for equine, bovine and canine patients.



*NEW* We have added another layer of equine rehabilitation and conditioning to our services! The Horse Gym Water Treadmill allows for a safe, low impact workout that helps rebuild a horse’s muscles with the aid of water resistance. This is a great alternative for a horse that is not quite ready for the swim lane, is recovering from an injury, or just to change things up while staying in shape.


Starting at $25

The EuroXCiser is a six horse walker with individualized compartments that allow a horse free movement without restraints. It is housed in our south indoor heated barn and has big bay doors for in the summertime for air flow. The EuroXCiser can be set at multiple gaits including slow/medium walk, trot, extended trot & lope/canter. We can also customize a routine specific for your horse that can include interval or burst training, rehab at a certain pace/walk, and  along with veterinary recommendation, techs can use our rehab equipment for head control to rehab specific areas of the body. This therapy is for equine patients only. We offer package deals with boarding for this service.


$15-$125 per session



The Nautilus spa is designed to aid in the rehabilitation of lower leg injuries. Equally as important, from a preventive maintenance standpoint, implementing the Nautilus spa into your day to day training protocols will minimize the likelihood of normal wear and tear which could otherwise escalate to a more serious injury. The Nautilus salt water spa utilizes the benefits of both hot and cold water by routinely rotating between the two temperatures.  The Nautilus relies on four basic factors; Temperature, Depth of water, Salt concentration and Aeration.

When a horse sustains an injury, the injured tissue releases chemicals that attract white blood cells to the area. These cells remove damaged tissue and foreign material including bacteria. This process causes the release of additional chemicals, such as cytokines and prostaglandins, resulting in the creation of heat and painful inflammation. Excessive inflammation may cause further tissue breakdown and increase the risk of tearing


Common reasons to use the Nautilus 

  • Tendon and ligament injuries
  • Inflammation

  • Arthritis

  • Laminitis

  • Infection

  • Scratches

  • Sore shins

  • Poor Hoof Growth

  • Abscesses



Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) has become an emerging new technology for treating musculoskeletal problems, soft-tissue injuries and bone injuries in horses. ESWT is non-invasive, used to stimulate healing to return horses to a level of fully sound, useful activity without recurrence of disease. The machine generates high-intensity shock or pressure waves, which pulse to a specific site within the injured tissue. It stimulates and accelerates the healing process, essentially combining an immediate analgesic effect with a reduction in inflammation, neovascularization in soft tissue, and osteogenesis in bone. This therapy is only available through veterinary examination and diagnosis. Treatments range from 1-3 sessions.


Most commonly used for suspensory ligament desmitis, navicular disease, saucer fractures, bucked shins, bowed tendon, sesamoid fractures, stress fractures and vertebral spinal pain (kissing spine lesions), back pain, and tendonitis. This therapy is for equine patients only.



Add News Story The high output infrared light produced a solarium penetrates the horse’s skin into the underlying muscle to significantly stimulate blood circulation. Red equine light therapy improves the horses’ muscle elasticity, therefore helping to prevent and recover from injuries. The infrared light further increases the rate in which the horse’s muscles can absorb blood sugars and expel lactic



TheraPlate offers active stimulating circulation technology to allow for better blood flow to lower extremities. This machine can be used to treat chronic inflammation and aid in healing after surgery or injury. It improves hoof quality and growth, creating a sound foundation. The systemic circulation increase allows for the flushing out of toxins and inflammatory products. It is also used post swim lane for bone density when working out horses in a non-weight bearing setting on a regular basis.

  • Active proprietary Vortex Wave Circulation Stimulation Technology

  • Smooth and Quiet Operation

  • Injury Prevention - the key is REGULAR CONSISTENT use.

  • Counters Chronic Inflammation Conditions

  • Speeds Healing - On Average Heals in Half the Time

  • You Can Feel the THEraPlate Working in the Horses Whole Body, including all the way up their Back, Neck and Rump

  • Reduces The Major Cause of Most Pain - Natural & Drug Free

  • Powerful Yet Gentle, Will Not Injure or Aggravate Existing Injuries


This therapy can utilized by equine, bovine, canine, and swine patients.



Wound pricing mainly depends on the type of wound, the time involved to cleanse and the medications needed to be given.  To compliment cleaning and bandaging we have other therapy tools that can be very effectively to help promote faster healing.  Cold Laser, TheraPlate, Hot or Cold Saltwater Nautilus are a few of the treatments we can use on wounds.  Every wound is different and therefore requires and individualized treatment plan.  EAST follows Veterinary directed care for most wounds.  For our clients convenience we have an on call Veterinarian or we will take orders from their specified Vet.  Please see our page for wound care before and afters!

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Any diagnosing or prescribing of Therapy or Rehabilitation must be by a Veterinarian.  Equine Aqua Spa Center, LLC will advise clients as to the best of their knowledge but will not and can not in any way diagnose injury or illness.  

Equine Aqua Spa Center, LLC requires a Veterinary sign off for any animals coming to the facility for post injury conditioning.  


Our on call Veterinarian can see any horses needing approval for treatments.