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She completely severed her deep flexor tendon and also others in front and to the side.  She had a week's stay at a Veterinary hospital before coming to EAST.  We cleaned the wound, lasered and re-bandaged every other day, also using a splint for the the first couple weeks.  We made adjustments throughout the process with the wrapping and topical ointments.  Using the laser on this wound was critical to the speed of the healing on this rambunctious baby.  This filly now has completely healed and has good range of motion, minimal scaring and has no lameness.


This 4 year old mare came in to EAST the day she was to be put down because the owner had a change of heart.  She came in with a septic tendon sheath and very lame.  Bridget Heilsberg, DVM took charge of the medical care and made a plan that involved a surgical procedure to open up the tendon sheath, Cold Saltwater Nautilus, TheraPlate, Cold Laser and Sterile bandaging daily.  This mare also received IV and oral medications multiple times daily.  The owner has reported that she is riding this mare and she is doing well.

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