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Comin' in Hot- Sponsored Rider Spotlight Karsyn Daniels

Blink, and you just might miss this young lady as she powers thru two lefts and a right! Karysn Daniels and her mounts, Muffin and Twinkie, has been burning up the road and collecting top honors along the way. You would never guess this talented rider is just entering her sophomore year in High School either. The recently crowned Bronze globe recipient at the 2019 AQHYA World Show has the maturity level of a competitor who is wise above their years, and a passion for her horses that helps her achieve her goals and stay the top of her game. We asked Karsyn to share some of her background and insights into how she has gotten to where she is.

Karsyn has had the luck to be around horses since she was a young girl. Once she went to her first rodeo, she said "I was hooked. It was just something I've always wanted to do." And do it she has! Currently only competing in Barrel Racing competitions, Karysn has multiple titles under her belt, including AQHYA 2018 World Champion, AQHYA 2019 Bronze Winner, National Junior High School Rodeo Barrel Racing Champion 2018 and 2017, has qualified for the American Semi Finals, and much more.

Karysn and ZZ's Jetting Muffin, aka "Muffin" have been together since Karsyn was just 6 years old! The young mare was only a year younger than the cowgirl herself when they began their journey together and they haven't looked back since. This pair have basically grown up together, learning the ins and outs of rodeo, improving every step of the way. Karysn told us the mare "has the biggest personality and loves her job. She is definitely one of those horses that has their person. She is one in a million". Muffin, as well as Karysn's other mount, Twinkie, come to visit the spa multiple times throughout the year. They have specific programs that include swim sessions, Euroxiser programs, and of course some recovery time in the Nautilus Saltwater Spa. The quality care that Karsyn and her family give these tremendous athletes is a huge factor in the success that they continue to achieve.

Throughout her young career, Karsyn has two mentors that she has been able to look up to. Jackie Ganter, the 2015 WPRA (Womens Pro Rodeo Association) Rookie of the Year and has been a well know name in the sport across the country. Likewise, Lindsey McLeod is also a force to be reckoned with at any event she enters. A High School Rodeo Barrel Racing Champion herself, McLeod is part of the most well known Barrel Racing families on the circuit. These hard working ladies have shown Karsyn that "no matter what life throws at them, they keep going and stay positive through it all".

Although Karysn has had an outstanding number of great runs lately, like everyone else, she understands what it's like to get stuck in a rut. We asked her her how she stays on track when things go wrong and this young lady had some wise words! She says, "I just remind myself when I have a bad run or when I'm in a rut, that hard times don't define who I am or my horses...I personally think a real winner is how you handle it when your in a rut and how you make your comeback. It's all a mental game and you just have to stay positive and keep going."

We also asked her what advice she would have to young riders that are interested in getting into rodeo. She suggests finding a solid, safe mount that you can learn on and of course, HAVE FUN! Sometimes, young riders get stuck thinking they have to win all the time, and it begins to take the joy and passion out of what got them hooked to begin with. Also, Karsyn told us that it's very important to find someone to help you and give you tips and advice. And remember, "We all started at the bottom and you just have to be patient and work your way up, work hard at it and never give up...Everyone has goals, but you just have to get up everyday and crush those goals"

Judging by the past few years she has had, we believe Karsyn will be heeding her own advice, and will continue to crush her own goals. Up to this point, her proudest moment was winning back to back titles at the Nationals in 2017 and 2018. Next up though, she has her sights set on winning year end UPRA honors.

Best of luck to Karysn, Muffin and Twinkie as they continue their journey, and we are she pleased to have her, as well as all the Team EASC riders, trusting us with the care of their equine partners! We can't wait to see what the rest of this year has in store for all of them!

*To learn more about the services we offer, and how they might help you and your horses, click on the "SERVICES" link at the top of the page and check out some of our other blog posts for highlights.

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