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Make a list, check it Twice

Do you have go-to items that you keep in your tack room? The kind that you always tell every new horse person you meet all about? We sure do! Thought we would use this blog to tell you about some of our favorite products, as well as other must-haves we suggest for horse owners to keep in their arsenal.

The Wash Rack

-Shampoo and Conditioner from Pure Paws. This product is actually promoted for use on dogs, but has been wonderful for our horses! It will bring out the shine, while removing dirt and build-up. All while helping to keep the natural oils that a horse’s coat requires.

-Pure Paws Finishing Spray. This is an all time favorite of ours! We use this conditioning spray on each horse when they get hosed off after the swim lane. It helps keep the coat conditioned, and the mane and tail smooth and easier to comb thru.

- White Intensifier Magic Shampoo, also from Pure Paws. If you own a horse with any large amounts of white, you understand the struggle in keeping that white bright and clean, especially while preparing for a show. This magical shampoo removes strains and brightens any white spots to make your horse picture perfect.

-Fungus Shampoo- We have a ton of success using FoamCare Medicated Shampoo, from Vetericyn. It comes in a spray bottle, making is super easy to apply

- Other great products that we also like are Show Sheen, Cowboy Magic Detangler, and QuickSilver purple shampoo.

The Groom Box

-Hoof pick! This is an essential tool for any horse owner, even if your horse isn’t ridden anymore. We check feet daily to keep them free of debris and check for rocks, or any other foreign objects that can become logged in their hooves or shoes.

- A good, sturdy curry comb. The perfect brush for helping to release dirt and grim from the skin and bring it to the surface. This is also a great tool to use on a horse that has fungus that may need scrubbed, as it is easy to disinfect. All of our grooming tools are soaked in a diluted bucket of chlorhexidine and water after each use.

- A stiff body brush and a soft body brush. The stiff brush, used right after the curry in upright sort of motion; “flips” all the dirt that was brought to the surface; off the horse’s coat. Next, the soft brush smooths the coat back down, and brings the shine and natural oils out.

- A sturdy mane and tail comb. Have you seen how silky, shiny, and thick manes and tails are on a lot of performance horses? That doesn’t come just by luck. Most trainers and groomers will tell you that one of the most important things to keep and mane and tail healthy, is to NEVER, comb thru a knotted, tangled mess without giving it a good wash, conditioner and spraying it with a good detangler like Pure Paws Silk Basics Serum and the Pure Paws Finishing Spray we mentioned earlier.

The Health Care Cabinet (We suggest having one of these to keep on the road with you as well, just always check and expiration dates and talk to your vet about any concerns you might have)

- A thermometer! These can be picked up at most supermarket or drug stores and should be keep on hand at all times. Have your veterinarian show you the safest way to take a horse's temperature if you haven't done it before. It is crucial to be able to monitor their temperature if they begin to exhibit any signs of being ill.

- A full set of Standing Wraps. We have three types that we keep around the barn. We have your standard, white no-bow wraps that are available in most tack stores, Back On Track Wraps (pictured), and Rambo Ionic Wraps . Both can be used to help keep light compression on a leg that may have some swelling, or just to give the horse some added support. It is very important to learn the correct way to put these types of wraps on your horse. Ask your veterinarian if they will spend a few minutes showing you the correct technique to use, to prevent injuries that can occur by doing them incorrectly.

- Draw it Out Gel and Concentrate - This is one of our best selling products, and one we use on almost a daily basis. DIO is an all natural equine liniment that is effective at reducing pain and swelling in multiple areas of the body. It can be used on legs, under wraps, after workouts, in conjunction with bodywork sessions and so much more.

- B Equine Essentials mud. This can practically be used anywhere! It has been proven effective on not just muscle or tendon soreness, but can even be applied to some types of open wounds.

- Bute pills/paste and Banamine paste (Speak to your veterinarian to find out their specific recommendations for your horses

- Triple antibiotic -Betadine Shampoo

- Chlorhexidine - Gauze Pads

- Vet wrap - Duct Tape

- Scissors - Corona/Wound Care Ointment

- Poultice hoof pads - New Syringes

-Pill Crusher -Corn Oil or Apple Sauce to add to some oral medications

- Diapers and Feminine Hygiene Pads (Sounds crazy, I know, but diapers are excellent as a protective covering to apply ointments to the bottom of a hoof and the pads can be used in a pinch as a wound covering!

As always, with any of the medical needs, ALWAYS consult with your veterinarian before administering anything! There are many dangers out there that come with mixing the wrong medicines, incorrect dosage amounts, or even using a product that could actually further damage the issue at hand. We are blessed to have two incredible Veterinarians, Crown 3 Equine and Three Oaks Equine, that both offer services at the Equine Aqua Spa and can help assist you with getting an exam on your horse to determine what needs they may have!

Many of the products we mentioned are linked in the article, and are available on our website and in-store at the spa! Give us a call at 940-665-1940 if you have any questions or want to place an order. Leave us a comment if you have used any of these great products, or to tell us about others you love!

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