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Sponsored rider Spotlight-Jarvis Anderson

Two large fast, small slow, change leads, stop and rollback. All in a days work for Team EASC member, Jarvis Anderson! It takes hard work, dedication, long hours, and wet saddle pads to be competitive in the reining horse industry, and Jarvis has proven himself multiple times throughout the years. A finalist at multiple major events, Intermediate Open Futurity Reserve Champion and APHA Senior Reining Champion, Jarvis has been coming to the spa for several years now to give the horse's in his care the best possible path to success. Continue reading to learn more about this Texas based Reining Horse Trainer!

Wicked Pretty & Jarvis at the NRBC

Growing up the son of NRHA trainer, Jaydee Anderson, Jarvis learned early on how much work goes in to not just being successful in the show pen, but to put out top quality horses that have both talent and longevity. His father isn't just his mentor, but also his biggest hero.

"My dad, Jay Dee, has taught me a lot more than just how to ride. He taught me how to treat people, move forward when times get tough, and always keeping an open mind. He won the NRHA Intermediate Open at the Futurity and Championship Show and Reserve in the NRHA Open in 2016 in his 60's (probably his best run ever) due to his ability to stay positive and always better himself no matter the obstacles."

And it isn't just his dad he has to thank for his equine background, his mother was also a horsewoman, an avid English rider, she taught Jarvis in many riding lessons, giving him the fundamentals of riding that are so important to all successful riders.

This Guns For Nic

This background has led Jarvis to where his is today. His accomplishments include NRHA Derby Limited Open Reserve Champion, NRHA Futurity Intermediate Open Reserve Champion, APHA Senior World Champion, finalist at all the major NRHA events, and most recently, APHA Champion SBP Open Ranch Riding, Champion NSBA Ranch Riding and World Champion Open APHA Reining. One of his greatest accomplishments thus far has been being an Open Level 4 Finalist at the NRHA Futurity. This makes Jarvis a member of an elite group of trainers that have reached this milestone, and the goal that so many young riders hope to achieve some day. But, don't let this fool you into thinking Jarvis has his sights set on that same goal every year. A true horseman, Jarvis knows the important of understanding each individual horse, and having realistic goals of what their "ceiling" may be. The 3-yr old futurity is a tough competition and unfortunately, many horses never set foot in the historic arena due to early soundness and performance issues. This can be caused by riders pushing them beyond what their talent level allows. The longevity of the horses Jarvis has had in his care is proof of his focus on creating solid, long term goals for each horse and setting them up for success in whatever they do.

One of Jarvis' favorite mounts, Pretty Peppy Chic

Outside of the arena, Jarvis loves to spend time with his family. His wife, Stephanie, is a large part of keeping the business going and his two little girls have also joined in on the fun, and have been showing horses of their own. "I love sports, football and basketball. I used to play baseball, but it interfered with horses too much." (We know how that goes, haha) " One hobby I do is play the piano, sometimes I sing along but that doesn’t sound very well😂 also I speak Spanish , that doesn’t sound great either but I can get by. I also enjoy traveling, cooking and spending time with my family."

And, if you're looking for a good book to read, Jarvis recommends the Sports Illustrated piece on Muhammad Ali.

"It is an inspirational read I’d recommend to anyone regardless of their profession. Muhammad is also a hero of mine, he was so mentally tough and worked so hard. I have so much respect for him."

Jarvis has been visiting the spa almost since our doors first opened. It's important to him that his horses are prepped and in good condition both before and after horses shows, and uses the Nautilus Cold Saltwater Tank to help aid in their recovery from training and to help prepare them for the tough show circuit. The horseman doesn't forget to take care of himself either! He is a regular visitor with Dr. Kelsey for chiropractic adjustments, and Melissa Patterson, LMP to repair his own body with sports massage.

With Futurity season in full swing, Jarvis and his Team are preparing for the next show, including assisting his Non Pro riders. We got to speak with one of his clients, who had nothing but wonderful things to say about the showman. "WhoaZone Equine has done business with Jarvis and Stephanie Anderson for a decade. We can guarantee you there isn't a more honest trainer in the business. The program is always - put the horse first. This is a refreshing and rewarding element of a program in today's industry that we as owners and marketing managers appreciate when it comes to the careers performance horses. Jarvis is a trainer that gives every horse in his barn the same opportunity to be as successful as the one in the next stall, and gives them only the best of care including cutting edge technology at Equine Aqua Spa. Jarvis and Stephanie have been catalysts in launching our own business and realizing our goals within the industry. We could't do any of this without them. Communication, Care, - Jarvis Anderson Performance Horses" - Skye Mize, Owner of WhoaZone Equine LLC

A Girls Best Friend with owner, Cherie Bugg, and Jarvis Anderson

We asked Jarvis if he had any advice for young trainers and competitors out there getting into the sport.

"Train every horse to be the best horse it can...Not every horse is going to be a champion reining horse, but that doesn't mean that you can't make it a nice, broke horse. Slow down and back off, don't try to force it all at once, that only confuses them. Don't get mad and never stop asking for help. Be Humble."

Be sure to visit to check out more about their program, the young horses they have for sale and other exciting news, most recently, their newly acquired ranch, located in Whitesboro, TX! We cannot thank Jarvis and Stephanie enough for their continued support of what we do and are proud to have them on Team EASC!

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