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Want to make your horse a water horse?

Part 1

Have you been wondering if the Equine Swim Lane would be good for your horse? We have added some information that might be helpful in making your decision! Regardless of what discipline you enjoy, you will be able to see what benefits equine water aerobics can offer.

Below are some FAQ's we receive here at the Equine Aqua Spa Center.

What physical benefits can my animal receive from swimming? Swimming correctly requires the animal to engage both his core and back muscles. This in turn can dramatically improve a horse's topline. Additionally, many owners notice a difference in the length of stride, and comment that they track up deeper with their hind limbs after just a few swim sessions.

What other benefits might I notice after my horse has been swimming? Hydrotheraphy is also an excellent tool for building a horse's cardiovascular fitness. Vitals (Heartrate & Respiration) are monitored throughout each swim session and used to gauge where the horse is physically. Technicians aim for an increased HR in the range of 120 beats per minute to reach peak. Regular swim sessions, along with a consistent exercise routine at home, are an excellent recipe for a fit equine partner.

Can any horse swim? Unfortunately, there are some horses that aren't able to swim correctly, or have specific injuries that prevent them from using the swim lane safely. Spa Technicians will typically give a sound horse two or three sessions before making the decision that they may not be a candidate for continued swimming. Although rare, it does happen from time to time. Additionally, if your horse has had a recent injury of any kind, we will not be able to put them in the swim lane without written approval from your veterinarian. If needed, we can have one of our veterinarians do an exam as well. It is important to know that certain injuries can be exacerbated if over exertion occurs. It is vital that you tell the Spa Technicians as much as you can about your horse before swimming so this can be avoided.

Be on the lookout for more information about our swim lane and other services at the Equine Aqua Spa. Thanks for stopping by!

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